Overwatch League’s Code of Conduct Officially Revealed

Overwatch League’s Code of Conduct Officially Revealed

Blizzard has officially unveiled the Overwatch League's rules, which were designed to preserve the integrity of the game and combat any and all toxicity.

Today, Blizzard Entertainment has officially announced the rules of competition and Code of Conduct for Overwatch League.

According to the league’s code of conduct, the rules set forth by the developer were designed to secure the integrity of the game. To protect the league’s public image, its players, teams, and owners; as well as provide a competitive game environment that is freed from any forms of discrimination or harassment.

The overall summary of the league’s Code of Conduct is open-ended, which allows Blizzard vague inclination to examine violations and impose proper disciplinary actions when applicable. Potential penalties for those that violate the rules vary depending on the severity of the offense, ranging from informal warnings to fines, suspensions, and as well as a permanent ban from the league.

Overwatch League’s Code of Conduct also sets forth requirements for teams and players. Some of which include forbidding players and or teams from placing any bets on any matches or tournaments pertaining Overwatch, to observe high standards personal integrity and good sportsmanship, as well as forbidding them to use any bugs or exploits found in the game.

You can check out the league’s Code of Conduct, in its entirety over on the official Overwatch League website.