The Overwatch League Commissioner is Leaving Blizzard for Epic Games

The Overwatch League Commissioner is Leaving Blizzard for Epic Games

The commissioner of the Overwatch League, Nate Nanzer, is parting ways with Blizzard and will join forces with Epic Games.

Nate Nanzer, the Commissioner of the Overwatch League, is leaving Blizzard. He is parting ways to go work for Epic Games and competitive Fortnite.

Announced via his Twitter, Nanzer, who has been working at Blizzard since 2014 stated that leaving the company was the “toughest decision of my life”, but he was leaving the league in “great hands.” You can see his announcement in the tweets below from his personal Twitter account.


While he didn’t announce that he would be heading to Epic Games in those tweets, the studio did conform to ESPN that he would be joining forces with the developers of Fortnite to work in the competitive scene which continues to grow into one of the biggest esports. The Fortnite World Cup currently is in its seventh week and has an enormous prize pool of $100 million.

In another parting comment, Nate Nanzer stated that he gets “way to much credit” for the success of the Overwatch League and that there are plenty of others who make a difference that are not a public face. Once again, he states that the company and the league is in great hands and he will be cheering everyone on one step of the way.

The Overwatch League is one of the biggest esports leagues in the world. I am still surprised sometimes when I am at a restaurant and see it playing on ESPN or when I see fans walking around wearing team jerseys. While some would say it is becoming mainstream, I would argue that it already is.