Overwatch League’s Seoul Dynasty Prepping for Success in 2019 Season

Overwatch League’s Seoul Dynasty Prepping for Success in 2019 Season

Seoul Dynasty's General Manager Ho-cheol "Hocury" Lee discusses the team's mindset as they enter the 2019 season of Overwatch League.

Gen.G’s Overwatch League team, Seoul Dynasty, has created a “championship formula” to help them succeed in the upcoming 2019 season.

General Manager, Ho-cheol “Hocury” Lee, is attempting to create a culture with the Seoul Dynasty that will focus on three different pillars: Unity, professionalism, and positive energy. These pillars are indicative of what the organization believes a winning team should personify. This is what Hocury had to say about last season and how they will attempt to rectify some of the problems they came across:

“Last season our coaching staff and players weren’t fully on the same page, resulting in slightly disjointed playing style at times, But we have all worked relentlessly this offseason to make sure that won’t be an issue in 2019. The coaching staff we’ve put together has helped us develop a winning identity. Players have a better understanding of their responsibilities and are committed to improving. It’s been quite the process, but there’s a positive energy in our building heading into the season. By focusing on these three pillars, our staff, players and fans should expect better results.”

In addition to that new mindset, Seoul Dynasty has been focusing on being more efficient during practices. This includes analyzing scrim videos and data, and providing feedback to the players. Hocury gives his incite on taking this direction:

“We must maintain a high level of concentration during training so we can spot our opponent’s mistakes and capitalize in meaningful games. Breaking down our performances post-match is critical to improving in this area.”

The Seoul Dynasty has been making moves during the offseason to not only change up the roster of players but also its coaching staff. Back in August, Donggun “KDG” Kim and Chang Geun “Changgoon” Park were added to the coaching staff as the Head Coach and Assistant Coach respectively. They have also added Min Hyuk “Michelle” Choi (Off Tank), Min Seo “Marve1” Hwang (Main Tank), and Seung Soo “Jecse” Lee (Main Healer) to their now 12-player roster.

Seoul Dynasty are one of now 20 teams in the Overwatch League. The most recent team announcement comes from the newest China-based team, the Chengdu Hunters, where their name, panda logo, and colors were revealed.