Philadelphia Fusion Make It to Overwatch League Semifinals

Philadelphia Fusion Make It to Overwatch League Semifinals

The Philadelphia Fusion, the lowest seed in the Overwatch League's Inaugural Season Playoffs has moved on to the Semifinals to face NYXL.

The Philadelphia Fusion have proven themselves as a team to really watch out for, pulling out a win against the Boston Uprising giving them a spot in the Semifinals of the Overwatch League Inaugural Season Playoffs.

On Wednesday, the Fusion was able to get grab the first match win by simply outplaying the Boston Uprising. There were some competitive moments between the two east coast teams in games three and four but it was the Fusion who really showed up that day and grabbed three wins while the Uprising only grabbed one.

Yesterday, the two teams finished their series off finally moving a team up to the Semifinals. The second match went to Boston Uprising winning three out of the four matches. With that win, and since Boston was the third seed in this year’s Overwatch League Playoffs, it seemed the Uprising would be the team to move forward. That was not the case.

The Boston Uprising did win the first game of the last match giving them the early advantage. After that, Philadelphia Fusion came in swinging with a reverse sweep solidifying their spot in the semifinals.

Since the Fusion are the sixth and last seed in the Playoffs, they will be facing the number one seed, New York Excelsior. Philadelphia are one of a select few teams who has actually defeated the 34-6 NYXL back in stage 1. However, New York has dominated the league a +83 map differential (map wins minus map loses), a 37 point difference from the number two seed, Los Angeles Valiant. They also house this year’s Overwatch League MVP, Jjonak.

Today, the London Spitfire and the Los Angeles Gladiators will face-off in their last matches in the Quarterfinals. The winner will move up to the Semifinals and face the Los Angeles Valiant. You can catch that on the official Overwatch League website or the Twitch channel.

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