Overwatch League Grand Finals Brought in Over 10 Million Viewers

Overwatch League Grand Finals Brought in Over 10 Million Viewers

Viewership numbers from the Overwatch League Grand Finals have been announced and boy, are they pretty crazy.

The Overwatch League season wrapped up just a couple weeks ago at this point and it seems like a whole lot of people tuned in to watch the London Spitfire walk away as champs.

In new viewership data released today, it was announced that the Overwatch League drew in more than 10.8 million viewers from around the world across the two days and two matches that the Grand Finals lasted. By comparison, this viewership surpassed that of the Overwatch League’s opening week which lasted for a span of four days with twelve total matches. I think it’s easy to say that viewership caught on as the season progressed.

The Overwatch League will next return in Los Angeles at the end of this month from August 25 through August 26 for All-Star Weekend. Saturday will feature players competing in a variety of skills contests while Sunday will be the matchup between the Atlantic and Pacific all-stars.

As for next season, it has already been announced that the Overwatch League will be adding new teams with franchises located out of Atlanta and Guangzhou. Expect more news on additional teams joining the league from various cities over the course of the offseason.