Overwatch League Names, Colors, and Logos Revealed for Paris and Guangzhou Teams

Overwatch League Names, Colors, and Logos Revealed for Paris and Guangzhou Teams

As 2019 draws ever closer, more information is revealed regarding the year's upcoming Overwatch League including Guangzhou and Paris' team names.

Things are continuing to heat up for the upcoming Overwatch League 2019 with the reveal of two more team names. This time around the spotlight is on Paris and Guangzhou who will be joining the league for the first time.

First out of the gates is Europe’s hope for victory, Paris. The team will be operating under the name The Paris Eternal. The logo is seen in the form of the Gallic rooster, a national symbol that dates all the way back to the French revolution. Its body is bent to incorporate a representation of infinity throughout its breast and tail.

The Paris Eternal will be seen sporting a blend of cool blue and deep burgundy with hints of white and gold. The full roster has also been announced and features a strong European lineup which includes players from France, Poland, Finland, Iceland, and the United Kingdom.

Opposing The Paris Eternal will be another new entry for the upcoming season, The Guangzhou Charge. The logo here is both simplistic and effective, ultimately boiling the team’s name down to its initials which are then edged with sharp strikes of lightning. Beneath the letters GZ in their soothing blue coloring is the full title of Guangzhou Charge with an electrical point downwards protruding from the letter R.

Unlike The Paris Eternal, the roster for China’s The Guangzhou Charge is still being kept under wraps. However, the team will be represented through a combination of light blue, dark blue, and strong green to signify its city’s fresh waters, clear skies, and lush hills.

The Overwatch League begins on February 14, 2019 and will feature a roster of 20 teams including the newly announced The Atlanta Reign and The Toronto Defiant. You can check out The Paris Eternal and The Guangzhou Charge’s team logos and colors in the images below.

Overwatch is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The incredibly popular eSports title recently introduced a new gun-toting character named Ashe who’s currently available via the game’s Public Test Realm server on PC. The full game can be purchased from Amazon.

Overwatch The Paris Eternal

Overwatch The Guangzhou Charge

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