NYXL is Victorious in Stage 3 Finals of Overwatch League

NYXL is Victorious in Stage 3 Finals of Overwatch League

The New York Excelsior win the $100,000 cash prize in their victory against the Boston Uprising at the Stage 3 Finals of Overwatch League.

Today, the New York Excelsior defeat the Boston Uprising to win the Stage 3 Finals of Overwatch League.

The first match of the day featured the Boston Uprising against the Los Angeles Gladiators where Mistakes and crew shut down the opposition in a clean sweep. A similar story was told in the next match between the New York Excelsior swept the Los Angeles Valiant with ease.

While the final match between the NYXL and Boston Uprising lasted a bit longer — and not without a fight from the number two seed — New York find themselves victorious winning three of the four games played; one of which was a draw at Volskkaya Industries.

This is the second time NYXL has won the $100,000 cash prize; the London Spitfire is the only other team to achieve such a feat. This also makes NYXL the only team to make an appearance in every Stage Finals thus far.

The standings thus far are what most of us anticipated. The top four teams have clearly been dominant throughout the inaugural season and unless they throw a bunch of their games in Stage 4, they will likely make it to the postseason. It is the fifth and sixth seed is where things may get interesting throughout the next stage. Here are the current standings:

  1. New York Excelsior (27-3)
  2. Boston Uprising (22-8)
  3. London Spitfire (20-10)
  4. Seoul Dynasty (19-11)
  5. Los Angeles Valiant (18-12)
  6. Philadelphia Fusion (18-12)
  7. Houston Outlaws (16-14)
  8. Los Angeles Gladiators (16-14)
  9. San Francisco Shock (12-18)
  10. Dallas Fuel (6-24)
  11. Florida Mayhem (6-24)
  12. Shanghai Dragons (0-30)

Overwatch League will continue in Stage 4, the final stage of the season, on May 16. This will give the twelve teams some time to practice or rework some of their strategies as they approach the league’s first-ever postseason play.

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