Overwatch and Lego Tease Collaboration on Twitter

Overwatch and Lego Tease Collaboration on Twitter

Lego and Overwatch Twitter account tease six heroes in the form of the popular toy.

Overwatch and Lego have not only confirmed but teased a collaboration that will see some of the game’s heroes in mini-figure form.

The tease comes from both Lego and Overwatch‘s Twitter with a short video showing silhouettes of six heroes. Five of the six seems obvious while the second from the left is a mystery to me. From the looks of it, from left to right, we’ll be seeing Widowmaker, Reinhardt, Genji, Soldier 76, Mercy, and McCree as the popular toy.

I’m not too sure if that is Reinhardt. The figure shown looks like it sports a goatee, a scarred left eye, and some body armor which are characteristics of Reinhardt if he didn’t have his helmet on. A helmetless Reinhardt seems like an odd choice considering that is not the form people would recognize but without him, there would be no tank representing its class within the lineup.

If I wanted to be critical of the composition given, it isn’t the best. There are way too many attack heroes with only one tank and one healer. Also, Reinhardt is a fairly situational hero. You would probably go with a Winston to pair with the Genji for the dive, take out Soldier 76 and put in a Zenyatta for the heals as well as his powerful attacks. That’s only if I wanted to be critical though.

A specific date for the Lego and Overwatch collaboration has yet to be revealed. The tweet from Lego tags Gamescom so there is a possibility we see it during the duration of the gaming event. Otherwise, we are simply given the statement “coming soon” from the Overwatch Twitter account.

This isn’t the only collaboration Overwatch has with a toy company. Recently, Nerf and Blizzard Entertainment announced their collaboration to bring Reaper’s Hellfire Shotguns and D. Va’s Blaster to life.