Overwatch Nerf Weapon Line Brings D. Va’s Blaster to Life

Overwatch Nerf Weapon Line Brings D. Va’s Blaster to Life

D. Va fans and cosplayers rejoice! Nerf is bringing the tank's Light Gun to life in 2019.

The second weapon from Nerf’s Overwatch collaboration has been revealed. D. Va’s Light Gun will join the lineup of Nerf Rival toys. I guess she was pretty serious when she said, “nerf this.”

The blaster will hold up to three rounds and fire at 80 feet-per-second. As seen in the tweet from the official Overwatch account, it also features D. Va’s iconic pink colorway, recoil action a safety and the bunny charm that’s attached to the pistol’s grip.

A few weeks back, the first weapon from the collaboration was revealed to be Reaper’s Hellfire Shotgun. Sporting a white finish rather than the standard black finish most people are familiar with, the blaster will hold up to eight rounds and can fire up to 90 feet-per-second. If you want to dual wield just like Reaper, you’ll have to buy two since the pack will only include one blaster. That may be a bit difficult since you’ll need to pump the blaster in order to fire it.

Both D. Va’s Light Gun and Reaper’s Hellfire Shotgun will be available in 2019. The actual launch date and the price of each of the blasters have yet to be revealed.