Overwatch Announces Newest Support-Tank Hero

Overwatch Announces Newest Support-Tank Hero

Overwatch's newest addition to the roster is a tech-clad paladin who can heal, block, and buff and she just so happens to be Torbjorn's daugter.

Overwatch‘s latest hero is Brigitte Lindholm, and if the name didn’t sound Swedish enough to you, it only takes one look at her to recognize she’s Torbjorn’s daughter.

You can check out her full origin story video below.

Brigitte is a support hero who heals nearby teammates with her passive, “Inspire,” and deals damage with her rocket flail. Taking after her father, she is able to drop repair packs that heal on pick-up or grant armor if the player is already at full health. She has a deployable barrier shield that will absorb damage (which makes sense with Reinhardt being her best friend and all) and deal damage on hit.

Finally, her ultimate–”Rally”–gives her team an armor buff and increases their movement speed.

She’s essentially a tech-minded paladin, which is an archetype that a lot of players have been waiting for and another support hero which might mix up the meta. Players who are interested in trying her out before she hits the live game can hop onto Overwatch‘s PTR.

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