Overwatch is Heading to Paris in Its Newest Map; Now Live for PC Players on PTR

Overwatch is Heading to Paris in Its Newest Map; Now Live for PC Players on PTR

Just a few weeks before Valentine's Day, Blizzard is giving players an air of romance with the new Paris map coming to Overwatch.

Since the game’s release, one of Overwatch‘s most appealing elements has been the fact that the game takes players across the globe in a number of creative and beautiful locations. Now, players will get to experience the latest international thrill in the city of Paris with the release of its newest map, which you can experience for yourself starting tonight.

In a surprise announcement, Blizzard revealed that the newest map for Overwatch will take players into the City of Romance, Paris, which is very appropriate given that Valentine’s Day will arrive in just a few weeks.

The map itself is now available for players in the game’s PTR server to try out, meaning that PC players can hop on right now and be transported to Paris to experience it for themselves in a beta period. While no specific date was mentioned just yet for the map’s full release on consoles and PC, Blizzard said that it is “coming soon,” so we can probably see it within the next few weeks.

Overwatch is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you have yet to hop into the game on either consoles or PC, you can grab it now over on Amazon.

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