Overwatch Patch Notes February 18 – Full Update Includes Three Buffs and a Nerf

Overwatch Patch Notes February 18 – Full Update Includes Three Buffs and a Nerf

Orissa, Winston, Wrecking Ball and Reaper are all altered in the latest update.

Although Overwatch 2 is in development, Blizzard continues its updates and balance changes to the original Overwatch. The title is still one of the most popular, and competitive, games out there and it is changes like this that help to keep things fresh. The latest update comes on February 18, 2021. Here are all of the Overwatch patch notes and changes from that update.

Update overview

The latest Overwatch update sees three characters receive buffs and one a nerf. Orissa’s buff now means she doesn’t take any headshot damage whilst her Fortify ability is active. Reaper’s shotgun has had its damage nerfed, however, it’s spread has also been lowered, meaning it is more reliable at a distance. It’s debatable whether it is truly considered a buff but only time will tell. Winston has received an increase to his health and Wrecking Ball a welcome nerf to its Grappling Claw knockback.

The update also includes a small handful of bug fixes. You can see the Overwatch patch notes from the February update below.

Overwatch full patch notes February 18 update

Orissa: (Fortify: Prevents critical headshot damage while effect is active) This will make Fortify more reliable at preventing large bursts of incoming damage and make it more consistent as a defensive ability.

Reaper: (Hellfire Shotguns: Spread reduced from 8 to 6. Damage reduced from 7 to 5.5.) Reaper’s shotguns have a high damage potential but require close range or large targets to fully utilize. We’re smoothing this out by extending the range at which he can consistently deal damage while lowering the maximum damage of each shot.

Winston: (Base Armor/Health has been redistributed from 100/400 to 150/350) With this change Winston will be slightly more resilient against shotguns, beams, and weapons with a high rate of fire.

Wrecking Ball: (Grappling Claw: Knockback strength reduced 25%) For how often it can occur, Wrecking Ball’s knockback is too strong. We’re reducing the distance it moves enemy players to bring it more in line with other low cooldown knockback abilities.


  • Fixed a bug that caused player ragdoll models to fall through the terrain when skipping the kill camera
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Bounty Hunter game mode to collapse too early


  • Fixed a bug that allowed Tracer to escape map geometry in a specific location

Overwatch 2 latest

The combination of its high-octane competitive gameplay coupled with its ease of access means Overwatch is enjoyable for all and a hit with the masses and that looks set to continue with the game’s sequel. While there’s plenty for fans to get excited about, there hasn’t been any fresh information of late. Most recently, however, players expectations were set as they were told development still has “a long ways to go.”