More Details on Overwatch’s Punishment System Coming Soon

More Details on Overwatch’s Punishment System Coming Soon

Changes to the punishment system in Overwatch are coming soon according to Lead Game Designer Jeff Kaplan.

Blizzard has been discussing a revamp of their punishment system in Overwatch for a while now. Let’s face it, nobody likes a player who leaves a match early just because they get salty and decide to leave. On the other hand, you have players who legitimately disconnect from the game for whatever reason, which isn’t always entirely their fault. It can be a double edged sword when attempting to punish leavers but at the same time hitting those who have a valid reason for why they left.

In a forum post on the official Overwatch forums, Vice President of Blizzard and Lead Designer of Overwatch Jeff Kaplan stated that a post about the updated punishment system would be coming soon. While Kaplan didn’t state when the announcement detailing the changes would be made or hint at anything it would contain, we at least have confirmation that an announcement is imminent.

It’s no surprise that a revamped punishment system would come to a game like Overwatch. It can be extremely frustrating to have leavers on your team, especially during a ranked match. Currently if someone leaves they are faced with penalties to XP gained and a matchmaking timeout, which for some people is perfectly fine for them regardless if they end up throwing the match.

Last week Blizzard officially announced the latest character to come to Overwatch, Doomfist. Doomfist is currently playable in the Public Test Realm, where other changes are currently being tested, specifically some notable changes to Zayra’s Graviton Surge ability.

Overwatch is currently available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.