Reaper and Tracer Fight Over Santa’s Cookies in New Overwatch Video

Reaper and Tracer Fight Over Santa’s Cookies in New Overwatch Video

Overwatch celebrates the holidays with Cookiewatch, a short video that features Reaper and Tracer fighting over Santa's cookies.

Blizzard is no stranger to playing around with Overwatch during the holidays. From in-game events to comic books to a livestream of Jeff Kaplan sitting in front of a fire for nine hours (yes really), Overwatch fans usually have something to pay attention to during the holiday season. This year, we received a stop-motion video that sees Tracer and Reaper fighting over something very important: Santa’s cookies.

The video is aptly named Cookiewatch and as I mentioned features figures of Overwatch characters Reaper and Tracer come to life in order to fight over Santa’s cookies. Santa never came to Reaper’s house when he was a kid, a true tragedy that likely turned him into what he is today. Meanwhile, Tracer is doing her best to keep the cookies out of Reaper’s hands and save them for Santa. If you’ve got nothing better to do for the next three minutes, it’s a cute video that’s definitely worth a watch.

I also can’t wait to see how Blizzard tries to top Cookiewatch next year; hopefully, it will be just as weird and quirky.  The animation looks great, though Overwatch is no stranger to good animation either. Most recently, we received a video called Reunion to introduce Ashe, though we’ve gotten quite a few since the game’s initial announcement featuring characters like Mei, D. Va, and Widowmaker.

Overwatch is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It’s esports scene is still as strong as ever, though it remains to be seen for how long as Blizzard recently decided to pull back support on the Heroes of the Storm esports scene. If this video somehow encourages you to pick up Overwatch in the holiday spirit, the game can be picked up on Amazon.

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