Overwatch Season 10 of Competitive Play Has Begun

Overwatch Season 10 of Competitive Play Has Begun

Season 10 of Overwatch's Competitive Play has commenced giving players a clean slate, a new player icon, and adding Brigette to the hero lineup.

It is that time again. Season 10 of Competitive Play is underway in Blizzard’s popular hero shooter, Overwatch.

As always, you must be level 25 and complete ten placement matches to obtain your initial skill rating — which will be between one and 5000 — and begin your journey to move up the ladder. This skill rating will increase or decrease depending on several factors, including how well you performed and whether you won or lost the match.

People who complete the ten placement matches will receive a special spray and player icon; if you find yourself in your chosen platform’s top 500 players, you’ll earn an animated spray and another player icon.

This will be the first season Brigette will be playable in Competitive Play. It will be interesting to see how she fairs in the competitive scene and if she will end up replacing any of the other support characters as a go-to hero.

Unfortunately, the upcoming map, Rialto — scheduled to release on May 3 — will not be added to the map rotation until a future patch release. This will give players time to learn everything they need to know about the map to play a successful game.

Overwatch is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can purchase the “Game of the Year” version of the game on Amazon and start playing now.

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