Overwatch Skill Rating Bug Found and Dealt With

Overwatch Skill Rating Bug Found and Dealt With

A bug has been plaguing Overwatch‘s skill rating, particularly with control maps. The problem this bug has been causing is not allowing your skill rating to be influenced correctly by win and losses.

The issue was recently address by Blizzard as a post on Battle.net by community manager Lylirra confirms.

“Last week, several players reported that wins and losses on Control maps (Ilios, Lijiang Tower, and Nepal) during Competitive Play were not correctly influencing Skill Ratings. The exact problem causing this to happen was identified early this morning, and we were able to develop a fix shortly after. That fix has now been implemented on PC and Xbox One in all gameplay regions (and will be in place when Competitive Play goes live on PlayStation 4).”

“Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience, but thank you so much for your reports and helping us making Overwatch a better game!”

The bug was apparently a top priority for Blizzard’s developers who quickly implemented a fix to the problem.