Overwatch Summer Games 2018 Is Live, Comes with More New Skins

Overwatch Summer Games 2018 Is Live, Comes with More New Skins

Overwatch's annual summer seasonal event is back, as is Lucioball and a whole lot of new skins for your favorite Overwatch heroes.

Overwatch has commenced the third iteration of its summer seasonal event, Summer Games 2018. Originally created to celebrate the 2016 Summer Olympics, the Summer Games has returned every year thus far. Lucioball is generally the main attraction of this event, but surely players are much more invested in the new skins.

Some of your favorite Overwatch heroes and villains have some new summer and sporty threads—D.Va and Ana appear to be ready for a trip to the beach, Moira, Brigitte, and Sombra are representing their respective home countries, and Roadhog, Reinhardt, Zenyatta, and Winston are padded up for some good ol’ sporting. Additionally, some new highlight intros and emotes have been added. And of course, all of the previous Summer Games skins are also available.

Overwatch has undergone numerous changes as of late, even in its third year. The most notable addition to the game is a new Tank Hero named Wrecking Ball, aka Hammond. Meanwhile, the competitive scene continues to thrive, with the Overwatch League Grand Finals attracting over 10 million viewers.

Check out Blizzard’s video commemorating the Summer Games 2018 event below, along with some screenshots of the new Hero skins. The event will last until August 30.