Overwatch’s Support Heroes to Undergo Changes in New Update

Overwatch’s Support Heroes to Undergo Changes in New Update

Overwatch's support heroes including Ana, Bridgette, Lúcio, Mercy, and Moira are next in line to undergo gameplay changes.

Overwatch’s support heroes are next in line for an array of alternations according to Blizzard.  Posting on Blizzard’s official forums, Overwatch developer Geoff Goodman outlined the changes that we can expect to see across five of the game’s characters and the reasoning behind each tweak.

The characters in question include Ana, Bridgette, Lúcio, Mercy, and Moira; each of which will receive at least one change that will affect their gameplay.

The patch will see Ana’s Nano Boost gaining the ability to heal targets to 300 HP instantly, while Moira’s healing resource base regeneration rate will be increased by 20%.

Lúcio is the only support hero to receive more than one buff in the upcoming patch. His Sound Barrier will be increased by 50% to withstand heavy damage, and his Crossfade will now have a larger radius.

Of course, for the purpose of balance, not every character can stand to see their attributes increased. Bridgette and Mercy weren’t quite as lucky as other members of the cast with Bridgette’s Shield Bash receiving an additional second of cool-down time and Mercy’s Primary Healing Beam getting a reduction of 10 HP/s.

Posting on the forum, Goodman stated that the changes would be implemented soon, but didn’t specify when the patch would be arriving. He also mentioned that the update would not effect Zenyatta.

Overwatch‘s latest tank character, Wrecking Ball, will be joining the cast next week.