Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland Event Starts Today With an Adorable New Trailer

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland Event Starts Today With an Adorable New Trailer

The festive feeling has landed in Overwatch with a number of holiday season themed skins, emotes, and brawls available during its Winter Wonderland Event.

We’re officially knee-deep in the holiday season now, and the crew from competitive team-based FPS Overwatch are also getting into the festive spirit with the game’s Winter Wonderland event.

The recently revealed event will transform the battlegrounds into snow-covered playgrounds and see a wealth of Christmas themed costumes available to be unlocked for the entirety of Overwatch’s robust roster. The mighty Roadhog has a hilarious Rudolph outfit, while both Mei and Torbjörn are both sporting Santa Claus costumes. Zenyatta’s Nutcracker costume is intensely creepy, and McCree’s Scrooge skin is surprisingly stylish.

There are also two new brawls included in the event, both of which star Overwatch’s veteran environmentalist and cryomancer; Mei.

The first brawl is called Yeti Hunter. This mode sees a team of Mei players chasing a Winston player who’s sporting the character’s festive Yeti Skin. The other brawl is Mei’s Snowball Offensive. This time around we see Mei attacking by using a modified version of her signature Endothermic Blaster that launches snowballs capable of one-hit KOs.

The charming latest trailer, which can be seen below, shows everyone getting ready for the holiday season. Zarya can be seen crushing a toy robot in her fist as WidowMaker looks on unamused. Hammond decks his Wrecking Ball tank out in fairy lights, while Genji creates a chain of paper ninja stars.

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland is available now and will be live until January 2, 2019. The core game is available on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. If you haven’t also secured a copy of this eSports favorite, you can do so via Amazon.

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