The Annual Winter Wonderland Event Kicks Off in Overwatch Tomorrow

The Annual Winter Wonderland Event Kicks Off in Overwatch Tomorrow

To celebrate Winter Wonderland coming to Overwatch for its annual holiday event, Blizzard has revealed an icy new skin for Sigma.

The Overwatch Team consistently knocks their events out of the park with new modes, snazzy skins, and more. Winter Wonderland is always one of the bigger in-game events the team at Blizzard puts on each year and 2019 looks no different. They haven’t completely pulled back the curtain on everything coming to the event tomorrow, but Blizzard has given us a great look at the skin Sigma is getting for the event. Check it out below.

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland has always been one of the bigger in-game events. Blizzard has used the event to throw in fun, new game modes and has, of course, given players tons of skins to unlock. The team hasn’t said anything about a new event for 2019, but it would make sense if they didn’t add one this year. Blizzard has already added a ton to Overwatch this year, most notably the Workshop, role queue, and a Nintendo Switch port. Plus, they just announced Overwatch 2 last month. That said, the team could surprise with something big tomorrow.

Even if there is no new event, players will still be able to enjoy old modes like Yeti Hunter and Mei’s Snowball Offensive. There will also be tons of new skins to collect and, if you’ve missed previous years, the old Winter Wonderland skins will be back in the game. So, no matter what, there will be tons to do when the event starts.

Winter Wonderland kicks off in Overwatch tomorrow. The event will run from December 10 to January 2, giving players plenty of time to grab all those sweet, new skins.