Overwatch Workshop is Out of the PTR and Into Player's Hands on PC and PS4

The Overwatch Workshop mode allows players to tweak various in-game values and scripts to build their own custom game modes, opening up a massive new vein of creativity for the hit game.

The Overwatch Workshop is a game mode that was announced last month which lets players build their own modes. You have access to a number of different things you can change and tweak. Which gives players the ability to create any game mode they can dream up. The mode was on the Public Test Realm (PTR) for the last month, but has now been released for both PC and PS4. Give the introduction trailer below a watch to see some of the awesome modes players have created thus far.

This addition to Overwatch is incredibly exciting for many players, myself included. Putting the power to build out game modes in the players’ hands should quickly increase the amount of creativity and fun available in Overwatch custom maps. We’ve seen games like Warcraft III  help create entire new genres in the form of MOBAs. While the Overwatch Workshop probably won’t produce something of that caliber, it will fun to see people try.

Already we’re seeing tons of creativity out of players. In the video linked above, you can see a few examples of it. There’s one mode that makes the game into a 2D brawler that looks a lot like Super Smash Bros. And another that tuns the game into a test of your platforming skills by making the ground lava. Those are just the early returns. With this now out in the public’s hands, we should see the development of exciting new modes happen much more quickly.

If you want to see some of the new things players are creating, Overwatch Workshop is available now for PC and PS4. Presumably, the mode will roll out on Xbox One at a later date.


Ricky Frech

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