Overwatch World Cup Groups Announced

The Group Stage will be held across four venues in China, Australia, Poland, and California (U.S.).

on May 11, 2017 4:22 PM

Last month, Blizzard announced that the 2017 Overwatch World Cup had been narrowed down to 32 teams, who would compete this summer in the Group Stage of the competition. Today, it announced the groups as well as where each of the groups will be playing.

Below, you can view all eight groups:

Group Stages:

Shanghai, China – Group A and B

Sydney, Australia – Group C and D

Katowice, Poland – Group E and F

Burbank, California – Group G and H


Group A (Shanghai, China)

1 – China

16 – Hong Kong

17 – Norway

32 – Romania

Group B (Shanghai, China)

8 – France

9 – Denmark

24 – Thailand

25 – Argentina

Group C (Sydney, Australia)

4 – Sweden

13 – Australia

20 – Italy

29 – Portugal

Group D (Sydney, Australia)

5 – Finland

12 – Japan

21 – Spain

28 – Vietnam

Group E (Katowice, Poland)

2 – South Korea

15 – Netherlands

18 – Poland

21 – Austria

Group F (Katowice, Poland)

7 – Canada

10 – Russia

23 – Singapore

26 – Turkey

Group G (Burbank, California)

3 – United States

14 – Chinese Taipei

19 – Brazil

30 – New Zealand

Group H (Burbank, California)

6 – United Kingdom

11 – Germany

22 – Israel

27 – Belgium

Specific dates for the Group Stage has yet to be divulged, but we do know it will take place sometime this summer followed by the finals/playoffs in November. As you may remember last year, South Korea defeated Russia in the finals, while Sweden defeated Finland for bronze. This year my money is on South Korea. Just like it will be every year.

You can check out how the above 32 countries rank in the world here.

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