According to Overwatch World Cup Rankings China is the Best in the World; United States Third

According to Overwatch World Cup Rankings China is the Best in the World; United States Third

If you play Overwatch then there is likely a 100% chance that someone from China is better than you. And according to the Overwatch World Cup 2017 rankings, not only do some of the best players in the world hail from China, but as a whole, China ranks as the best in the world at Blizzard’s mega-popular shooter.

As you may know, the second phase of the Overwatch World Cup has begun, with 32 countries making it through based on the average skill ranking of each country’s top 100 players. Currently, and as mentioned above, China sits atop these 32 countries with a skill rating of 4550.

Meanwhile right behind China is South Korea with a 4522 rating, and the United States in 3rd with a 4470 rating. Rounding out four and five is two Scandinavian countries: Sweden in 4th and Finland in 5th. Notably, the United Kingdom sits right outside the top 5 at 6th, and United States northern neighbor Canada, sits in 7th. Of the 32, Romania is last with a skill rating of 3861.

Entering phase two of the competition, players and viewers will now vote on their region’s representatives to form each regions Competition Committee, which is responsible for selecting and recommending to Blizzard the strongest teams in that region. Each user in their region has a total of three votes to dish out until May 5th, when voting closes. Committee members will be announced three days later on May 8th.

Looking ahead, the Group Stage will be taking place over the summer, and the finals/playoffs will conclude the competition in November. As you may remember last year, South Korea defeated Russia in the finals, while Sweden defeated Finland for bronze. The United States was bounced in the final 8 by eventual champs South Korea.

Below, you can check out the 32 countries that made it through and where they rank:

  1. China: 4550
  2.  South Korea: 4522
  3. United States: 4470
  4. Sweden: 4309
  5. Finland: 4295
  6. United Kingdom: 4293
  7. Canada: 4291
  8. France: 4268
  9. Denmark: 4259
  10. Russia: 4221
  11. Germany: 4219
  12. Japan: 4184
  13. Australia: 4184
  14. Chinese Taipei: 4162
  15. Netherlands: 4147
  16. Hong Kong: 4113
  17. Norway: 4101
  18. Poland: 4093
  19. Brazil:  4071
  20. Italy: 4068
  21. Spain: 4051
  22. Israel: 4007
  23. Singapore: 4002
  24. Thailand: 3999
  25. Argentina: 3992
  26. Turkey: 3960
  27. Belgium: 3942
  28. Vietnam: 3941
  29. Portugal: 3930
  30. New Zealand: 3922
  31. Austria: 3900
  32. Romania: 3861