Overwatch’s Genji Gets New Oni Skin

on November 5, 2016 2:48 PM

There’s been a lot of Blizzard news lately if you haven’t noticed. The latest piece involves everyone’s favorite Overwatch cyborg ninja: Genji. Yes, Genji is getting a new “Oni” skin (which you can see above).

The catch? You’re going to have to play some Heroes of the Storm to get it. How much? 15 games. But not just 15 games, 15 games with at least one friend. You can play these said games in any mode, including the Co-op vs. AI mode.

Along with getting the new skin, you’ll also receive a spray and an in-game icon featuring the Oni Skin.  Additionally, in Heroes of the Storm you will unlock the Zarya and Oni character picture.

Personally, I would need at least a Junkrat or Zenyatta skin to be lured to play some Heroes of the Storm. But for all those hardcore Genjis out there, this is pretty sweet news, if you own Heroes of the Storm at least.

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