Overwatch’s Next Hero Revealed, The Support/Sniper Ana; Available in PC Public Test Region Now

Overwatch’s Next Hero Revealed, The Support/Sniper Ana; Available in PC Public Test Region Now

While players have had the change to get acquainted the diverse cast of characters in Blizzard’s hit shooter Overwatch, the last few weeks of teases have revealed a new face that will be entering the battle with the support/sniper hybrid, Ana.

Blizzard has announced the newest Hero that will be coming to Overwatch with Ana, a new Support character with a Sniper focus that can simultaneously heal her teammates while taking shots at enemies from across the map.

Previous teases of the character were released by Blizzard in the last few weeks pointing to her status as a sniper/support hybrid, while the announcement confirms that she also happens to be the mother of Pharah in the game’s lore/universe (though previous rumors indicated her name being “Sombra,” which doesn’t appear to be the case). She also has close ties to other characters in the game’s universe, particularly with Soldier: 76 and Reaper, and an apparent rivalry with the game’s other sniper character, Widowmaker.

Ana’s main weapon is the Biotic Rifle, which fires long-range dates that can either heal teammates or deal damage to enemies slowly over time. Ana is also equipped with Sleep Darts as her secondary fire, which can temporarily knock enemies unconscious.

In addition to the Biotic Rifle and Sleep Darts, Ana also is equipped with Biotic Grenades, which also provide the benefit of healing teammates while damaging enemies within its area-of-effect radius, along with the bonus that boosts the healing that teammates receive (and preventing enemies from being healed for a short period of time).

Ana’s Ultimate ability is called “Nano Boost,” which gives a buff to teammates with increased damage, faster movement speed, and greater defense/resistance to damage while the Ultimate is in effect.

Ana has not been officially released yet for the game, but she is currently available to play in the PC version of the game through its Public Test Region by selecting “PTR: Overwatch” from the “Region/Account” section of Battle.net. No official release date has been given just yet for her final, public release at this time.

Overwatch is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC – for more on Ana, you can check out new trailers with her origin and a gameplay trailer, while several screenshots of her in play can be seen below: