Owen From Xbox One Adaptive Controller Commercial Says Thank You After Hitting 5k Subs on His YouTube Channel

Owen From Xbox One Adaptive Controller Commercial Says Thank You After Hitting 5k Subs on His YouTube Channel

Owen takes to YouTube to offer a warm and emotional message to everyone that helped him reach 5000 subs with that figure now more than doubling

The charming young man who appeared in the Xbox One Adaptive Controller commercial made an emotional video yesterday thanking everyone for helping him reach 5,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, but as of this writing, Owen has reached over 15,000 subs – which has totally blown the 10,000 subscriber goal he wanted to reach out of the water.

Owen first appeared over Christmas last year when Microsoft created their own Christmas commercial showcasing a young boy running through the snow while shouting towards the houses of his friends “He’s going to do it! Owen’s going to do it!” as all the kids pile out of their homes and join the boy running down the street. Finally, they all storm through the door of Owen’s home as we see him playing a game with his Xbox Adaptive Controller. With all his friends intensely sat around watching Owen play, he achieves victory due to his innovative controller while all his friends jump up and cheer as the commercial ends to the line “When everybody plays, we all win”.

An extended version of the commercial was then played over the recent Super Bowl which made us all cry for the second time. In the emotional commercial, we see some young and talented gamers who are able to game thanks to the Xbox Adaptive Controller and of course, the delightful Owen making an appearance too.

This time, however, Owen has taken to creating his own heartfelt video to thank his 5,000 subs who have tuned in to his YouTube channel Epic Gaming 101. Owen excitedly talks about hopefully reaching 100,000 subs because that would mean having his very own Play Button from YouTube – I don’t think he will have any issues obtaining that goal due to his amazing outlook on life and contiguous personality.

Owen is a nine years old and who has Escobar Syndrome which limits his mobility, but using the Xbox Adaptive Controller allows him to continue his passion for gaming which means so much to Owen, so much so that he created a channel three years ago where he reviews all different types of games.

You can jump over to Owen’s YouTube channel and subscribe so we can all help him reach that 100K – I for one want to see that YouTube Play Button hanging on his wall.

Take a watch at Owen’s emotional 5000 subscribers special below: