Owl House Season 3 Confirmation Angers Fans


The Owl House will be ending with its Season 3

May 28, 2022

The Owl House got its Season 3 officially confirmed, but many fans of the Disney series are disappointed and angry about how things are turning out.

The Owl House episode 40, the finale of Season 2, was just released this May 28, 2022. And now everyone is wondering what is happening with Season 3, as The Owl House will join the long list of TV series that ended up being cancelled or botched due to so-called executive meddling.


The Owl House Season 3 Officially Confirmed As Three 44 Minutes Specials

Now that the Season 2 finale of the series was released, Disney officially confirmed Season 3 is coming as a shortened version. This triggered a wave of anger among most fans, as it was now officially confirmed that we aren’t getting a “real” season. Reports from earlier this month from our peers at Deadline revealed that Season 3 will be only made of three 44-minute-long specials. This amounts to 6 normal episodes of the series.


Many fans started looking for answers on the matter, and it was first revealed back in October 2021 that Season 3 was cut short during production. The series’ original creator Dana Terrace revealed back then that The Owl House was canceled by a Disney executive for not fitting the “brand” Disney is trying to convey.

Dana Terrace also took the time to deny or explain many of the rumors surrounding the show’s cancellation: most notably those claiming it was due to unsatisfactory ratings or the series’ LGBTQ+ themes. You should read Terrace’s full post on the Owl House Subreddit in the Ask Me Anything on October 5, 2021, for all the details.

Fans React To The News On Twitter

Many fans have been sharing their anger on social media via memes and messages showing support to the original staff. Without getting into spoilers, many fans are also worried about if the series will be able to wrap itself up nicely in only 132 minutes. Fans are sharing their impressions under the hashtags #TOHSpoilers and #DisneyDoBetter.

Make sure to show your support as well and perhaps the series could hope to come back in a Season 4. Personally speaking, I wouldn’t put it past Disney to “cancel” a series on purpose so the fans rally behind it and they could mark a huge marketing hit by announcing it’s coming back. While I don’t believe this is actually what’s happening with The Owl House, showing your support definitely will help. And at the very least the series’ creators will see how much it mattered to the fans.

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