Owlboy Limited Edition Gets Delayed Across United States and Canada

Owlboy Limited Edition Gets Delayed Across United States and Canada

Already previously delayed, Owlboy: Limited Edition for Nintendo Switch and PS4 has been delayed once again in the United States and Canada.

Despite being previously delayed, The Owlboy: Limited Edition has hit some release problems once again. Owlboy Limited Edition has hit a bit of a delay coming to store shelves in the United States and Canada. While all other regions will receive it on the expected release date of August 31st, fans in North America will have to wait until September 28th to pick up the title.

Marten Buijsse, Community Manager for Soedesco, was understanding of the fans’ frustration. He stated:

 “The Owlboy Limited Edition is the first release in our promising new Limited Edition program and unfortunately we’re facing some startup problems. We will take the lessons learned from this first issue with us for all future Limited Edition releases, and we are very grateful for everyone’s patience

Soedesco explained that the reason behind the troublesome release was a combination of different special items within the Limited Edition which resulted in a complex assembly and distribution process.

If you do not want to wait for the Limited Edition of Owlboy that is exclusive to Nintendo Switch and PS4, you can pick it up on PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch today and you can check out our review.