Oxyd is Getting a Modern Remake, Could be Arriving This Spring

Oxyd is Getting a Modern Remake, Could be Arriving This Spring

A classic puzzler is making a return.

Here’s a game that might spark nostalgia in some of our older readers! Oxyd is getting a remake that will bring the classic Oxyd game from 1989 to modern computers. The game is being developed by Dongleware Verlags GmbH and published by Application Systems Heidelberg, publishers of Growbot and Mutropolis.

The original game was developed by Meinolf Amekudzi and published by Dongleware Verlags GmbH and was created for the Atari ST and ported to other platforms, Amiga, Mac, MD-DOS, and NeXT. It’s now 30 years old and being brought to the modern audience allowing players to test their hand-eye coordination skills and solve puzzles.

The puzzles featured in the game are for both single-player and multiplayer audiences and the puzzles grow more complex as the game progresses. There is a “story” to Oxyd, essentially, landscapes within your computer need oxygen delivered by Oxyd stones. However, these stones have been sealed away and need to be reopened in order to save the landscapes and return oxygen. Players are also faced with destructive challenges too, adding to the challenge.

Players have to roll a black marble around, which is used to activate items —such as the Oxyd’s— or used to crash into things to move them. The players roll around trying to match Oxyd symbols one after another. As the game progresses, the environments become bigger and new elements come into play, requiring more skill and care to be utilized. Gravity can work against them, and switches and photon beams add to the dangers of navigating.

You can check out the trailer for the game below which features gameplay elements and what you can expect.

The multiplayer modes allow both co-op multiplayer modes and competitive like modes. One mode finds players using a propeller connected to their marble to launch it at other players, while also trying to avoid being hit themselves. There’s a soccer mode that finds players trying to push a flying ring into the other team’s goal. There’s also a Team Meditation mode where you’re required to move smaller marbles into their matching pits.

Oxyd is planned to launch spring 2020 for PC, Mac, and Linux