P.T. Camera Hack Confirms Player Character to be Norman Reedus

As it turns out, Norman Reedus's likeness was actually captured for P.T., confirming that the protagonist of the game is the ending cinematic person.

Well-know Soulsborne and P.T. hacker Lance McDonald recently tweeted out a status update confirming, thanks to a camera hack, that players are exploring the demo as The Walking Dead and Death Stranding actor Norman Reedus:

This also confirms that the person we see in the ending cinematic is the same person we play as throughout the demo. McDonald, in an email interview with IGN explains why this wasn’t known until recently and how he figured out how to uncover it: “You usually can’t see his face because the mirror is covered in filth specifically to obscure it. I moved the camera down to a little above chest height to get a clear look at one of the cleaner parts of the mirror.”

While most players already knew that Reedus was the protagonist of P.T., we now know that his likeness was captured for the demo. It’s incredible attention to detail and other things like that, as well as the sheer horror potential that P.T. possessed, which what makes fans come back to this cancelled game years later.

Back in September McDonald also discovered another secret: it turns out that Lisa is always behind you as you walk around the house. In fact, she actually attaches to the player’s back as soon as you get the flashlight. For those who have played through P.T. you might’ve suspected this. After all, you can often hear noises behind you as if Lisa is creeping behind you. But thanks to this camera hack we can now  see that she’s actually right there, disappearing the instant you turn around.

Last year there was minor controversy as some players reported a rumor that Konami had recently released a new update for P.T. that was locking the game for some players and making it unable to be played. Eventually DualShockers received official word from Konami that there has indeed been no new update version 1.01 pushed out for P.T. that would have locked the game.

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