P.T. Demo is Actually a Teaser for a New Silent Hill Game

P.T. Demo is Actually a Teaser for a New Silent Hill Game

Remember P.T., that mysterious game that was announced at Sony’s Gamescom press conference this morning and that they subsequently released a demo of? Turns out it is a massive teaser for a brand new Silent Hill game.

Yeah, I’m as stunned as you are.


Users are reporting that upon reaching the final screen of the “interactive teaser,” footage is shown of a character walking down a dreary street, with only a flashlight in hand.  As the character moves slowly through the scene, Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s names are shown before revealing the figure the camera is following to be none other than The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus. As the screen fades to white, the title Silent Hills is displayed, revealing the title of the newest installment in the franchise.

The confirmation of the game confirms a tweet Hideo Kojimo sent out nearly two years ago that he’d be interested in making a game in the Silent Hill series.

“Silent Hill” is in closed room setting and doesn’t require full action so that we can focus on the graphic quality. Enemy doesn’t have to be a lot or move fast. It only requires scariness by graphics and presentation. As being a creator making action game in open world, such game is very enviously attractive. Wish someone could create this on FOX engine.

What do you think of this new revelation? Is it a reboot? A straight sequel? Sound off in the comments below.