P.T. Has Been Recreated in VR by a College Student

Check out P.T. in a whole new perspective with this VR version of the horror teaser.

The infamous free demo P.T. has been recreated in Unreal Engine from scratch for PC with VR support. Titled Unreal PT, this free download was made by a college student developer who goes by the name Radius Gordello and has been released on You can check out the page here.

The gameplay has been mostly kept identical to Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s teaser for a Silent Hill reboot, aptly titled Silent Hills. Radius Gordello has tweaked the end game to allow the game to be beaten more consistently than the original. He even included text files with an explanation of the controls and the walkthrough on how to beat the game in the download.

The biggest new addition is the inclusion of VR support for Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Radius Gordello does warn users of nausea based off reports they have received. They advise users to proceed with caution and even say they’ll officially remove VR support if more reports of nausea come in. Radius Gordello does write in a development post that they created the VR mode without owning an actual headset themselves, relying on a unit available at their college and the support of a “nice fella who goes by Tmcraig008” help test the VR support near the end of development.

Unreal PT is meant to be a part of Radius Gordello’s portfolio and a learning experience during its development. They began in April 2018 and wrapped up development this month. There are two unique written posts that detail the creation of Unreal PT and a more technical deep dive for those that are curious.

Unreal PT is a free download on for PC. It can be played in non-VR as well and looks to be pretty dead on. It provides another angle at a world where P.T. lived on, instead of being taken down by Konami.

Max Roberts

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