Pac-Man, Mega Man Added to Street Fighter x Tekken Roster

on January 27, 2012 9:30 AM

We all saw this coming. Fans who purchase Street Fighter x Tekken for the PlayStation 3 Vita will be treated to two exclusive characters: Pac-Man riding Mokujin and 1980s-box-art Mega Man from Mega Man 1.

A Capcom-Unity post clarified the appearance of this particular incarnation of Mega Man: “In the spirit of crossover fun, the dev team wanted both Capcom and Namco’s mascots to join the fray in a slightly silly, goofy way. Pac-Man riding Mokujin is about as weird as it can get, so the best equivalent for Mega Man would have to be the so-bad-it’s-good-but-still-kinda-bad box art from Mega Man 1 in the US.”

The PlayStation console versions of the game now have exclusive characters: the above-mentioned two, Cole from inFamous and Sony mascots Kuro and Toro. There are no exclusives for the Xbox 360 due to negotiation and timing difficulties. Street Fighter x Tekken will drop on all three platforms in early March.

Check out the artwork and video below!

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