Pac Man Plush Head + Dog = Cute

Pac Man Plush Head + Dog = Cute

Have you ever seen a dog wearing a Pac Man plush head? NO!?

You may be thinking who would do such a thing? Well this Editor would and take pictures of course.

Bask in the glory of my yellow furry friend and his Pac Man crown of glory. We have two more of these for our other Editors, we may have to plan on doing some more creative things with them as time passes. Any ideas?

Here are some more shots of Yoshi my 4 year old Lab rocking the Pac Man head. (Yes I named my dog Yoshi, don’t judge me for being obsessed with video games)

**Special thanks to Sheena and the folks over at clubNAMCO.**

2 responses to “Pac Man Plush Head + Dog = Cute”

  1. Joel Taveras says:

    Now you have to get a ghost head plush and chase him around the house 😛

  2. Do you have a Ms. Pacman!! I would love that for my dog Minnie. 🙂