Pac-Man Reminds Japanese Movie Goers of Theater Etiquette in a New Video Short

Pac-Man stars in an adorable new video short, informing Japanese movie watchers of proper cinema etiquette to observe (Image source: Shutterstock).

A fun little short video from Bandai Namco makes its debut in Japanese movie theaters — a Pac-Man video to be precise, that reminds movie goers to respect cinema etiquette. The short, which is sung in a very cute children’s song, tells watchers to turn off their cellphones, don’t speak during the movie, and don’t use recording devices during the film:

The video was posted in a tweet from Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX), a Senior Analyst at Niko Partners who covers the digital games market in China and Southeast Asia. It’s a fun little feature that gets its message across in a very unique way. I especially love the touch of the singer singing the Pac-Man theme at the end. The Pac-Man video will run until December 19th in theaters across Japan.

In recent news, following the release date and pricing for Apple ArcadeApple announced that new RaymanPac-Man, and Shantae games are among the exclusive titles will be available to the service. Each game coming to the service can be played on any Apple device and they can be played offline. Apple Arcade launched on September 19th for $4.99 a month. If you’re interested in the games announced, you can check out screenshots for some of them here.

This isn’t the first interesting promotion either. Last year limited edition cans of Red Bull hit store shelves, which featured one of gaming’s most iconic characters — Pac-Man. Each can boasted a maze-like design as seen from the game’s levels in addition to featuring the titular character and a few of his ghostly enemies as well. The collaboration doesn’t seem to be for any reason in particular other than the pursuit of “honoring the 80’s.”

The last major gaming outing for the yellow hero was Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus. According to our News Editor, the title is a must-buy on the Nintendo Switch thanks to a terrific port and timeless gameplay.


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