Pachter Believes Sony Manufactures 1.4 Million PS4 A Month: “Fully Intends to Kick Microsoft’s B*tt”

Pachter Believes Sony Manufactures 1.4 Million PS4 A Month: “Fully Intends to Kick Microsoft’s B*tt”

During the latest episode of the Bonus Round videocast on GameTrailers Wedbush Securities Senior Analyst Michael Pachter presented some quite interesting calculations on Sony’s and Microsoft’s production capability.

Sony’s 4.2 million through December 31st, they didn’t start manufacturing til September 1st. You know that. I mean we would have seen picture of the assembly. They manufactured 1.4 million a month? And you cannot commit manufacturing capacity for less than a year, so their manufacturing plan is 16 or 17 million PS4. That’s Shocking.

Microsoft is making a million a month, by the same logic, and their manufacturing plan is twelve (million). So the Microsoft guys actually didn’t believe Sony’s numbers. They didn’t know they were making that many and that’s part of your lack of supply constraint.

I’m amazed by how ambitious Sony is being with this launch, and impressed that they’re executing it. So Sony fully intends to kick Microsoft’s b*tt next year. But the good news is, add those two numbers together… 28 million consoles next year? Is that even possible? That’s Shocking! I mean these guys sold 22 million in a peak year in the past, so these guys are thinking big, big, big, that will attract more software, really good for consumers.

I think this is the best time to be a gamer ever, except for maybe this week, ’cause there’s not very many games, but in another two months we’re gonna get some pretty good games.

It may seem  a little strange to hear that Sony may have a higher production capability than Microsoft, considering that there definitely appear to be more shortages of the PS4 than of the Xbox One. Yet, we have to consider that at the moment Sony’s new consoles is distributed in 53 countries, while its rival has been officially launched only in thirteen. This means that the PS4’s supply is a lot more diluted.

One thing is for sure: with 28 million new generation consoles dropping on the market this year (assuming that Pachter’s numbers are accurate), and more and more games being announced to support them, it’s definitely a good time to be a gamer.

And they said consoles were dead…