PACMAN The Movie Trailer (unofficial)

on August 22, 2010 3:54 AM

PACMAN The Movie Trailer (unofficial)

Video games typically dont translate well into movies for many reasons but the most common is that script writers generally have a hard time converting what makes an immersive game into a big screen experience. So here we have an unofficial trailer for a PACMAN film which puts a whole new spin on the game turning it from kiddy friendly, pellet gobbling fun into drug induced nightmarish hell!

The plot revolves around pharmaceutical CEO Michael Pacman who is forced to take his own dangerous medications in order to survive a maze designed by a sadistic patient out for revenge. I think this is an awesome take on the game  and I would be first in line at the cinema if this ever gets made – check it out below.

PACMAN: THE MOVIE TRAILER from Therefore Productions on Vimeo.

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