Pagan Online Gameplay Debut Looks to Fill the Void Left by Diablo

Pagan Online gameplay was finally shown off by Wargaming today and looks like it will satisfy PC gamers disappointed with Diablo Immortal's announcement.

Over one month ago, World of Tanks developer Wargaming unveiled a brand new project – Pagan Online. Developed by Mad Head Games, Pagan Online is an action-RPG that features pre-Christian deities and channels some inspiration from MOBAs. That being said, we didn’t get a good look at gameplay until today. This first gameplay video makes Pagan Online looks quite fun, meaning the game will probably fill the aRPG void left in some players hearts after the recent Diablo Immortal fiasco.

According to the developers, gameplay will put the emphasis on flashy action that still allows smart players to skillfully strategize in order to take down enemies. Pagan Online is poised to feature several different kinds of gear, skills, and playable characters. The developers hope that the wide variety of customization options and character progression will encourage players to several unique and useful characters instead of just one character that can switch between different builds.

Pagan Online Creative Director and Co-Founder of Mad Head Games Uros Banjesevic went into a bit more detail about gameplay, calling it “easy to pick up but difficult to master” before detailing what exactly the MOBA influences are:

“With Pagan Online we’ve worked hard to deliver a fast-paced and intense combat system that’s easy to pick up but difficult to master. We took inspiration from MOBAs to create unique characters with specific skills and specialties, and when you put them into this type of combat system you end up with a family of fighters that do different things well in different scenarios.”

On the other hand, Wargaming Product Director Jacob Beucler seems much more enthusiastic about Pagan Online’s “vast” loot system:

“The amount of loot in Pagan Online is vast – we want players to be challenged to experiment and find the right combinations of skill boosts and buffs that make their playstyle even more effective. This means knowing the different characters, how you want to play them, and what they’re good at, and trying out different loadouts until you find the most deadly combination.”

Wargaming’s Pagan Online is one of several aRPGs that’s catching a bit more attention following what transpired at BlizzCon 2018. While I do believe fans unfairly overreacted to Diablo Immortal’s announcement, there’s no denying that this BlizzCon left many Diablo and aRPG fans disappointed as only a mobile game was announced. Even though Diablo 4 has since been rumored to be in development, this community schism has allowed aRPGs like Warhammer: Chaosbane, Path of Exile, and Pagan Online to receive more attention.

Below, you can watch the gameplay reveal trailer, which shows off the aforementioned gameplay features, as well as the first screenshots. Pagan Online is scheduled to launch on PC next year, though you can already sign up for the game’s pre-launch trials on Pagan Online’s website.

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