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Review: Tomb Raider

I never had any desire to protect Lara Croft or to play as her. I never found her particularly attractive as an icon or video game character; her enormous breasts and hot pants only served to fuel


Review: Anarchy Reigns

After escaping a damning delay purgatory, Sega and Platinum Games’ Anarchy Reigns is finally here. Though first scheduled to release in late 2011, the game received a jaw dropping four delays before finally sticking to its early


Review: War of the Roses

As the Middle Ages waned and England started to move towards the Renaissance, the country was far from peaceful. A series of dynastic wars erupted between two branches of the Plantagenet royal house: York and Lancaster. That


Review: Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 has been on many MMO gamers’ radar for quite a while, and has been touted by ArenaNet themselves as a big change to your average MMO formula. I’ll admit, I was really excited about


Review: The Last Story

A role playing game developed by a famed studio with big names and published by Nintendo comes out in Japan. The same game then gets picked up to be published by Nintendo in Europe. Finally, as though


Review: Champions Online

Superheroes have always been present through human history, but only when the Nazi regime opened a dimensional rift that caused enormous amounts of magic to flow into our world, superpowered humans become commonplace. Since then a


Review: WWE All Stars

Professional wrestling is always looked at as a wannabe sport, but that’s not stopping WWE from getting the sports-like treatment. WWE All Stars to WWE is the equivalent of what NBA Jam is to the NBA, or


Shock Value: Tales of Vesperia

[Shock Value is a weekly segment which runs down inexpensive titles that are more than worth the money spent.]

Title: Tales of Vesperia

Developer: Namco Tales Studio