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Review: NBA 2K15 – Now With More Pharrell

The NBA 2K series has become the juggernaut of basketball games for consoles and continues to look like it will hold that top spot. But, as the old saying goes, every good winner needs competition. Looking at


Review: Sonic Generations

I slid Sonic Generations into my Xbox 360 with sweaty palms. I was nervous. The bitter disappointment of Sonic Colors was fresh in my mind, and I recalled with a heavy heart how to this day I


PAX East Panel Schedule is Live

PAX East is only one month away! Hopefully all your travel/hotel schedules are set, but there's still one more thing to plan. What are you actually going to DO at PAX East? Now you can lay out


EA Sports NBA JAM Hands-On Impressions

I recently had an opportunity to get hands on with EA Sports NBA JAM and I have to admit that I had my pre-conceived notions about this remake and the possibility that they may not stay true


Project Needlemouse Unveiled – Sonic Is Back

Remember Sonic on the Genesis? Sega's answer to Mario that left gamers feeling like they just snorted a line of coke. The game was rudimentary, but strangely safisfying (although Mario aged much better). Over the years, sadly,


Why I Game – To Escape

My name is Yaris Alex Gutierrez. Some of you might recognize the piece I am currently sharing with you being that it was once posted on another site. I have, since then, formed a site in which