Paladins Already Has Over 2 Million Players on Consoles; Total Player Count Now Over 11 Million

Paladins Already Has Over 2 Million Players on Consoles; Total Player Count Now Over 11 Million

Recently, developer Hi-Rez Studios took to Reddit to provide an update on how its game Paladins is doing, as well as reveal a roadmap for the game over the next few months.

As you may know, Paladins — a free-to-play multiplayer hero-shooter with MOBA tendencies that is often likened to Overwatch — entered Steam Early Access back on September 15, 2016. Then, roughly two weeks ago, it arrived on PS4 and Xbox One via an open beta.

And according to Hi-Rez the game has been quite the success so far: racking in over 11 million players (more than two million of which are console players who have jumped abroad in its first two weeks). This number is said to be “growing rapidly.” Further, it’s worth noting that these number tallies don’t include player numbers from China.

Hi-Rez adds:

The success of the game so far has allowed us to greatly staff up the Development Team (Smite’s Dev Team also continues to grow by the way). In 2017 the Dev Team has managed to deliver: a new update every 2 weeks, 6 New Champions (Torvald, Maeve, Inara, Lex, Seris, Willo), 2 New Maps (Stone Keep, Brightmarsh), experimental Alternate Modes (PvE, Survival), a ton of test maps, and features we saw as most requested from the community, such as integrated Voice Chat

Looking ahead “over the next few months,” the following content/improvements/changes will arrive:

  • Mastery System / Mastery Rewards of various types
  • Ranked 2.0, based more on Account vs Champion. We’ve heard your feedback and agree that the current Ranked Mode needs to be improved.
  • Quality of Life / bug fixes. We realize things like Androxus’ Reversal bug and Fernando Shield bug are rage inducing. We addressed a few in .50 and will continue to pay attention to these gameplay & polish items
  • New Champs. We are excited about the next set of new Champions and will continue to release 2 champs every 3 patches until we get to a total of 30 Champions around August. We feel that a large champion roster, combined with upcoming ability to Ban in draft picking, is healthy for our competitive game. After 30 Champs we slow down just a little; but for us slowing down still means a new Champion approximately once a month from August until the end of 2017.
  • At least one new PvP Game Mode for your testing & feedback
  • Getting updates out more quickly to both the Xbox One and PS4!
    This is dependent on platform providers and their certification timelines. But our goal is to get down to only ONE WEEK between PC updates and that same update going live on XBox One and Playstation 4.
  • LORE! ‘Cause Lore
  • Legendaries. Some of them aren’t great and need help.
  • Big Esports Investment and Announcements.
    The upcoming July Dreamhack Valencia event (100K PC, 50K Console Wars) is just the beginning. We’ve been pleased to see a global appetite to play competitive Paladins and we will be supporting that in a huge way. More details to be announced during the Dreamhack Valencia esports broadcast.
  • Re-introduction of new PvE/Co-op mode; but this will be after all the above

Paladins is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.