Paladins OB54 Patch Brings New Champion, Festive Chests and Progression Changes

Paladins OB54 Patch Brings New Champion, Festive Chests and Progression Changes

A new champions enters the realm with the latest Paladins patch. Additionally, festive loot chests are back and big changes to the economy and progression system are also present with the patch.

Hi-Rez Studios has deployed a new patch for its team based shooter, Paladins. The newest patch, which is currently available for download brings the new damage champion Lian, festive loot chests and some economy and progression changes. We have included videos for the new champion and patch overview below.

Lian is a ranged damage champion that uses an heirloom rifle passed down from her noble house for ages. Her primary attack deals 400 damage every 0.45s at medium range, where it is most effective, although Lian is still accurate at long range. Her secondary alternate attack fires a charged shot that deals 400 damage to all enemies in front of her. Her first ability, Presence, charges a shot that damages and pierces all enemies in its path. Lian’s second ability, Grace, allows her to dodge enemies and fire a shot from her weapon, hitting the closest enemy near her reticle. Finally, her ultimate ability, Enlightenment, grants her crowd control and damage immunity while she charges a massive charge that deals a ton of damage to enemies in front of her. If an enemy is killed by the blast Lian is refunded 50% of her ultimate charge.

In addition to Lian finally entering the realm, festive loot chests are also making a brief return for a limited time. That’s right, it’s Winter in July. The festive chests will contain additional new champion and weapon skins, all holiday themed. Each festive chest will set you back 100 crystals.

Lastly, Hi-Rez has brought some economy and progression changes to Paladins. The studio feels that it is currently too difficult to unlock cards. Their original intentions were to have meaningful character progression as you play but data monitoring and player feedback has proved otherwise. With the patch, players will be earning chests at an accelerated rate and the crafting cost for cards has been lowered as well, making it even easier for players to craft specific cards they want for their builds. The experience required per player level between 1 and 50 has also been reduced. What this means is that leveling through those levels will require approximately 35% less experience. Hi-Rez has also switched up the daily login bonuses granting essence, the material used to craft cards, at day 4 and 5. Previously logging in on day 4 and 5 would grant you 350 gold and 500 gold respectively.

Paladins is currently available as a free-to-play title in open beta across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.