Paladins Season 4 Calamity Arrived – Yagorath and Season Pass 2021 Cosmetics Detailed

Paladins Season 4 Calamity Arrived – Yagorath and Season Pass 2021 Cosmetics Detailed

Yagorath is the brand new playable character coming to Paladins with the Season 4 update.

As promised by Hi-Rez Studios, Paladins Season 4 Calamity is now available to download across all platforms and it adds Yagorath, the new Champion that was revealed earlier last month. Along with the new character, you will now have access to Season Pass 2021, including some new cosmetics.

Heading into details of Yagorath, she is probably the biggest Champion of Paladins in size, and her playstyle is unique. As the only Paladins Champion that doesn’t ride a horse, Yagorath has two different states of stance along the gameplay: The Planted form and the Travel form. While in Planted form, you cannot move towards anywhere, but instead you can shoot acid to any direction that you want. If you’ve already played Overwatch, Yagorath will give you Bastion vibes.

On the other hand, when you are in Travel form, you will move constantly like a deadly wheel on the map and you can damage enemies by hitting them or spreading your acid along the way. Again, this state will probably remind you of Junkrat’s special ability in Overwatch.

Three talents will be available for Yagorath that you can choose one before the beginning of the match. The first one is an Acid augmentation that boosts your speed by 20% and increases damage done by Caustic Spray to 48 and Acid Pools to 40. The second talent, Sight Begets Strength, grants the allies in your Primal Vision range 100-health and boosts your movement speed by 15%. Unnatural Persistence, the third talent, heals for 25 every quarter of a second while on an objective and for 1s after leaving the objective. The longer you maintain it, the more the effect increases.

When it comes to Season Pass 2021, Hi-Rez Studios revealed two new unique skins: The Limited Soul-Stealer Furia and the Golden Gryphon Mount. Along with the two aforementioned cosmetics, you will receive exclusive rare skins, uncommon skins, emotes, MVP poses, and instant-access talents for all the new Champions that join the roster in 2021, including Yagorath from Paladins Season 4. Moreover, you get 1500 Crystals by purchasing Season Pass 2021 and 10% more Crystals whenever you attempt to buy them through the in-game store.

Paladins is a free-to-play hero-based first-person shooter and now available on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.