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Paladins Season 5 Leaked Patch Notes

Bomb Queen is your new Champion!

December 24, 2021

A part of Paladins Season 5 content is now live in the PTS servers, but you can check out its patch notes as well, thanks to the data miners!

Paladins is probably one of the popular free-to-play games that followed the successful formula of Overwatch and reached high popularity among the fans of hero-based action games.

While the developers usually share the patch notes just a few hours before the launch of a new update, the Season 5 patch notes for Paladins are already available while we don’t know when it comes to the primary servers.

The patch notes, collected by data miners, reveal the brand new Champion as well as the upcoming skins and balance changes.

Asphalt 9 | Drive Syndicate 4 Festive Update Trailer

Asphalt 9 | Drive Syndicate 4 Festive Update Trailer

Paladins Season 5 Leaked Patch Notes


  • Cyber Khan
  • Cyber Skye

Seven Seven!:

  • He will have Gold, Green, Silver, Blue, Red, and Purple Recolors
  • Seven Recolor 1 – Deadly Pallor
  • Seven Recolor 2 – Crimson Guard
  • Seven Recolor 3 – Ivy Sentinel
  • Seven Recolor 4 – Biting Wind
  • Seven Recolor 5 – Green Knight
  • Seven Recolor 6 – Red Skull
  • Seven Recolor 7 – Golden


  • (WIP) Trade District V2


  • LTM BeefyRandom
  • Close Quarters Combat: VII and Corvus battle to determine the fate of the Outer Tribunal.
  • Super Random: Which champ will you get with faster abilities and faster movement?

New Champion:

  • Name: Betty La Bomba
  • Title: The Bomb Queen
  • Lore: Bomb Queen is the queen of bombs
  • Class: Damage
  • HP: 2100
  • Abilities:
    • Bomb Queen Weapon: Grenade launcher that deals more damage and has more aoe if you hit directly.
    • Bomb Queen Ult: Hop on a rocket that you can drive. It explodes on contact with anything, dealing damage and knockback. Can be fired again to launch the rocket forward without your control.
    • Bomb Queen Movement: Butt stomp, creating 3 coins that can be exchanged for mushrooms.
    • Bomb Queen Altfire: Cluster Bomb: Send out an explosive that will create secondary explosives based on the number of things hit with the initial explosion. This can proc off of anything hit, not just champions. Max of 6 secondary explosions.
    • Bomb Queen Ability 1: Bag of bombs that sends out bombs randomly in an area around the bag.


  • Talent 1: BQ Talent 1
  • Talent 2: Reduce the range of Bag o’ Bombs by 50%, concentrating the explosions in a smaller area, and reduce the Cooldown of Bag o’ Bombs by 2s.
  • Talent 3: BQ Talent 3


  • Weparm-1: Increase your maximum Health by {scale=50|50}.
  • Weparm-2: BQ CARD
  • Weparm-3: Increase the time before your Inhand Grenades explode by {scale=10|10}%.
  • Weparm-4: BQ CARD
  • Abil1-1: Increase the explosion radius of Bag o’ Bombs explosives by {scale=13|13}%.
  • Abil1-2: Increase your Movement Speed by {scale=15|15}% for 2s after activating Bag o’ Bombs.
  • Abil1-3: Increase the travel speed of Bag o’ Bombs when deploying it by {scale=15|15}%.
  • Abil1-4: Reduce the Movement Speed of enemies hit by Bag o’ Bombs explosions by 15% for {scale=0.4|0.4}s.
  • Abil2-1: Increase the lateral movement from each use of Propulsion by {scale=10|10}%.
  • Abil2-2: Increase the vertical movement from each use of Propulsion by {scale=10|10}%.
  • Abil2-3: Heal for {scale=35|35} after activating Propulsion.
  • Abil2-4: Increase your Air Control for 2s after using Propulsion by {scale=20|20}%.
  • Altfire-1: BQ CARD
  • Altfire-2: Heal for {scale=40|40} for each enemy hit by the initial and secondary explosions of Cluster Grenade.
  • Altfire-3: Increase the explosion radius of Cluster Bomb’s initial explosion by {scale=13|13}%.
  • Altfire-4: Gain {scale=0.6|0.6}% Ultimate charge for each enemy hit by Cluster Bomb’s secondary explosions.

New Purple Track Burn Cards/Items:

  • Rigor: [Armor] For each 20,000 points of Healing done reduce the Cooldown of all your abilities by 5%; max 3 stacks.
  • Coherence: Reduce the Cooldowns of your and your allies within 60 abilities by 10%. This does not stack.
  • Harmony: [Armor] Increase the rate that Healing increases your Ultimate by 30%.
  • Absorption: [Weapon] Eliminations heal you and the Killing player each for 2.5% of your maximum health every .5s for 2s
  • Haste: [Armor] Gain 15% Movement Speed for 3s after affecting an allied Champion with an ability.
  • Remedy: [Armor] Apply 10% more Healing to players, and an additional 20% if the target is out of combat.
  • Inspiration: [Armor] Increase the Reload Speed of allied Champions by 40% for 6s after healing them.
  • Zeal: [Weapon] Attacks by the ally you’ve most recently Healed within 6s deal 2% increased damage for every 300 gold you have unspent, up to a max of 12%.
  • Opposition: [Armor] Reduce the duration and effectiveness of Crowd Control and Slows by 12% for each enemy Champion within 60
  • Call to Arms: [Weapon] Gain 10% reduced Cooldowns while in combat.
  • Bulwark: [Armor] Increase the Healing you receive from allies by 3% for every enemy within 60.
  • Salvation: [Armor] Upon being reduced below 45% health, gain a Shield equal to 6% of your Max Health that persists up to 6s. Cannot occur more than once every 8s
  • Reprisal: [Weapon] Attacks against targets who have damaged you within the last 6s deal 2% increased damage for every 300 gold you have unspent, up to a max of 12%.
  • Prosperity: [Weapon] Upon earning a Kill or Elimination, gain an additional 5 bonus gold
  • Evasion: [Armor] For every 4 minutes spent in range of an objective gain 5% Movement Speed when out of combat; max 3 stacks
  • Resolve: [Armor] Receive additional Healing equal to 3% of your missing Health every .5s for 6s upon being healed. This cannot occur more than once every 12s
  • Composure: [Armor] Reduce the effectiveness of the next Crowd Control you are affected by by 6% for every 5s not affected, up to a maximum of 30%
  • Glory: [Armor] Upon earning a Kill or Elimination, gain a personal Shield equal to 6% of your Max Health, that persists for 4s.
  • Lethality: [Weapon] Gain 15% Movement Speed for 1.5s after earning a Kill or Elimination.
  • Tempo: [Weapon] For each 30,000 points of damage done gain 10% increased Reload Speed; max 3 stacks.
  • Reckoning: [Weapon] Gain 45% Reload Speed for 5s after reducing an enemy to below 60% health.
  • Surge: [Weapon] Your weapon and abilities gain 25% Lifesteal for 8s after Champion dies within 60.
  • Frenzy: [Weapon] Reduce the Cooldown of all non-Ultimate abilities by 20% of the cooldown duration after Killing an Enemy.
  • Culmination: [Weapon] Weapon attacks against targets you’ve damaged within the past 2s gain 2% increased damage to for every 300 gold you have unspent, up to a maximum of 12%.
  • Provision: [Weapon] Restore {15}% of your maximum Ammo after earning an Elimination.

Paladins Season 5 doesn’t have an official release date, but it’s somehow weird that a few hours after this leak, the official page of Paladins posted the patch notes on the website for Season 5, though the access to this is limited to those who have a certain password.

Paladins is now available for free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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