Palutena amiibo Goes on Sale Today Exclusively Through Amazon

Palutena amiibo Goes on Sale Today Exclusively Through Amazon

The amiibo craze has only grown bigger and bigger since the figurines were first introduced in the holiday season of last year, and for those looking to catch them all, you might want to keep your eyes peeled today on Amazon for the upcoming figurine of the goddess herself, Palutena.

The amiibo figurine of Palutena from the Kid Icarus series will be going on sale today, July 24th, for those seeking to add another of the harder-to-get amiibo figurines from Nintendo.

The Palutena figurine will be sold exclusively through Amazon as previously announced, with the company offering new details on where, when and how to find her. The figurine’s Amazon page is currently live right now, with sales of the figurine to officially begin at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT.

During the window of sale for Palutena, 1-Click Shopping will be disabled, meaning those purchasing the figurine will have to go through the normal shopping cart process. Amazon suggests that users ensure their credit card and shipping information is fully updated to ensure the checkout process moves as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Amazon ensures customers that there are “ample quantities” of the Palutena amiibo, though the company still expects supplies to sell out very quickly, so act quickly today to make sure you don’t miss out on of the more elusive retailer-exclusive figurines.

The Palutena amiibo will go on sale exclusively through Amazon today – click here to bookmark the page and get ready at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT before it sells out.