Esports Team Panda Global is Creating a Portable GameCube Dock for Switch

Esports Team Panda Global is Creating a Portable GameCube Dock for Switch

An esports team takes playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate portably into their own hands.

Panda Global announced an incoming Kickstarter project for a portable Switch dock that includes four GameCube controller ports for playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the go. Dubbed the “Panda Global’s Ultimate GameCube Adapter,” this will make playing Ultimate on the go with a GameCube controller far less convoluted. The Kickstarter will launch in early/mid January.

The adapter will cost roughly $45 USD and will ship internationally. Panda Global tweeted out a teaser video that shows the adapter working with a Switch in handheld mode. The team followed up with a few answers to some frequently asked questions. The questions and their answers are below.

“1. Will it brick? — No.

2. What is it? — A GC adapter and stand in one! Works docked or on the go. Can charge through the stand too. 3. How much? — Roughly $45 (final price pending).

4. Where? — Kickstarter is set to launch early/mid January!

5. Why? — 💚 Smash

6. Ethernet port? — Looking into it!

7. USB? — Same as above

8. I have an adapter tho 😫— This adapter uses ONE USB PORT! The Switch dock only has three usb ports and the Nintendo GC adapter takes 2 USB ports. So you can play 8 player with GC with ours + Nintendo’s!”

By “will it brick,” Panda Global means that this adapter will not double as a dock to output the Switch to a TV since third-party docks have a tendency to break (also known as brick) Switch consoles. There will possibly be an ethernet port on the back to provide LAN support for online play.

If you are interested in the Kickstarter and want to be alerted when it goes live in January 2019, you may sign up for email alerts that will include a discount for the Kickstarter. Sign-ups may be done here. Panda Global is an esports team that focuses on 1v1 competitive games like Smash Bros. and Hearthstone. You may learn more about the team and its players on their site.

Another option for using GameCube controllers with a Switch, outside of Nintendo’s official adapter, you may buy 8BitDo’s wireless GameCube controller adapter, but it only supports one GameCube controller. For a review of the new GameCube controllers Nintendo released for Ultimate, check out our “unnecessary, in-depth look at the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate GameCube controller,” which is far better than some heathen on staff’s take on why the Wiimote is a better choice for Smash than the GameCube controller.