Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 Launches on October 23

Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 Launches on October 23

Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 launches on October 23. The third game in the series takes players back to the Cold War to stop a bioweapon.

While it’s a bit weird to think about playing a new Pandemic Legacy in the middle of our ongoing, real-world pandemic, that’s about to happen next month. Designer Rob Daviau recently revealed that the prequel to Board Game Geek’s second-highest-rated game of all time is launching October 23. That’s big news for board game fans and, even if you’ve never played before, it’s worth checking out. After all, the series is incredibly well-regarded and helped kick off the legacy game frenzy.

If you’ve never played a legacy game before, it’s a pretty simple concept. Unlike most board games where things are static from game to game, a legacy title changes things each time. As you go, you’ll unlock new mechanics and even components by opening secret boxes included in the game. As you can imagine, that sense of wonder and the unknown has made the games ridiculously popular over the last few years.

Pandemic Legacy might be the most well-known of them all. It takes the basic principles of cooperative Pandemic and gives it a year-long narrative of twists and turns. Season 0 is the third game in the series and takes players back to the Cold War.

You and your friends will work together to stop the Soviets from building a deadly bioweapon.  Of course, that’s just the setup. If my time with the other two seasons is anything to go by, we’re in for some wild twists.

Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 comes to a board game store near you on October 23. If you haven’t played the first or second season yet, they’re both available now. However, they could be tough to find unless you have a local game store.