Pandemic Legacy Season 0 Takes the Board Game Franchise Back to the Beginning

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 appears to be a noir prequel to one of the highest-rated board game franchises of all time.

Pandemic Legacy Season 1 was one of the most instantly successful board games in the hobby. The original game absolutely blew up in 2015, rocketing up to the top spot of the Board Game Geek charts in an incredible time. And,  while it didn’t create the legacy genre, it unquestionably made it mainstream. Today, legacy games have almost taken over the market, with games big and small incorporating the idea. While Season Two was less successful, it was still a top-seller in 2017. And now, designers Rob Daviau and Matt Leacock are back for round three. Watch the new teaser trailer below.

As you can see, there isn’t much in that trailer. It is just a teaser, after all. That being said, it does confirm that the third game in the series is a prequel. That, in itself, is surprising news. I won’t spoil the other two games for you here, but going backward is certainly an intriguing step.

The only other information in the wild is an image Reddit user u/arankas found on Z-Man’s website. It appears to be the game’s box art, which suggests that the game takes place in a Noir setting. Of course, that’s not official news until Z-Man announces it, but it does make things a little more interesting.

My lone worry is that Season 0 will add in Cthulu elements. As a board gaming fan, it’s something that happens all the time. And, it’s not that I hate Cthulu, it’s just quickly become overplayed. Hopefully, the team stays away, but who can say?

We should know more relatively soon. Board Game Geek’s W. Eric Martin confirmed today that Z-Man Games is dropping Pandemic Legacy Season 0 news “before the end of July 2020.” Until then, go play the first two. They’re both exceptional.

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