Pandora’s Tower Gets Trailer, Updated Web Site, More Info

Pandora’s Tower Gets Trailer, Updated Web Site, More Info


A few months ago we brought you a little blurb about a new action RPG for the Nintendo Wii called Pandora’s Tower. Not a whole lot has been heard since then, but now we have some more info on the title from Famitsu, as well as an updated official site and a trailer to check out. And yes, I still love the piano music playing on the site, you really should check it out.

During the game, you’ll be following the trials and tribulations of a few main characters. First off, though, the setting. These characters live on the Graecia continent in the kingdom of Elysium. There, a joyous time of year is about to begin, kicking off with the Harvest Festival. The young girl, Ceres, has been chosen from among hundreds of people to sing at the event, which is quite the honor. Before she can, however, strange beasts began appearing and basically causing chaos throughout the kingdom.

Her friend, Ende, manages to find Ceres amidst all the confusion, but she was knocked unconscious and is being targeted by the army because she witnessed this attack. However, with the help of a merchant, Ende manages to get Ceres to relative safety inside this tower out of the way of everything going on. Come to find out, Ceres was cursed by these beasts and the only way to ward off the curse and ultimately cure it is to gather the flesh of these beasts that live within the tower.

That’s the general set-up for the story, but hit the break for a bit more of a description of the three major characters, as well as the first trailer for Pandora’s Tower.

  • Ceres: A 15-year-old who was selected from a large number of girls to sing at the Harvest Festival. She’s a devout believer of the Eos faith.
  • Ende: He’s the main character, at 22 years old. He used to be a soldier of an opposing kingdom when they were at war with Elysium. He doesn’t speak much.
  • Graiai: A merchant who helps Ende escape with Ceres after the initial attack. His appearance is similar to a dwarf race. He provides something called an Orichalcum Chain for your use throughout the game.

Now, to delve a little more into this Orichalcum Chain you’re given, this item is used as a gameplay mechanic to help Ende (the player) remain aware of Ceres’ state at all times. As time passes while you play, a timer will count down, and that timer is directly linked to Ceres’ condition. If it runs out, Ceres dies and it’s game over. The chain also works as a weapon and restraint for the beasts you encounter in the tower.

When we say “tower”, it seems to be referring to a series of towers (12 to be exact) that are all different sizes but, combined together, make up one tower complex. Naturally, they all have a different focus, or gimmick, if you will, that you will have to deal with as you traverse it.

Pandora’s Tower is set to release in Japan on May 26, 2011. Like some Nintendo-published Wii RPGs before it, I have a feeling it will be a while before we see it over in North America or Europe, but here’s hoping, right? Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.