Pandora’s Tower to Be Released in Europe in 2012

Pandora’s Tower to Be Released in Europe in 2012

While the wound from the disappointing response given by Nintendo of America to Project Rainfall is still fresh and bleeding, further news about the controversial triad of Wii JRPGs come from Europe. Rumors were already floating around, as Pandora’s Tower is playable at the Japan Expo in Paris, but confirmation was still pending, until now.

The french website LiveGen confirmed at Japan Expo that Pandora’s Tower is planned for release in European territories in 2012, completing the JRPG triplet alongside with Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story.

While European JRPG fans rejoice, I’m quite sure that American ones won’t be able to avoid feeling a little mocked by the news. While normally the positions are inverted, with the US getting games earlier and sometimes exclusively, looks like Nintendo is playing a prank on it’s American customers this time around.

Of course things wouldn’t be so dire if the Wii wasn’t region locked, but unfortunately this is not the case. If you live in the US you can try and feel better by hearing us rage about this whole matter in this week’s ShockCast.